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Business Web site hosting can be complicated. Like anything to do with computers, hosting is dead easy when it is working properly. Shared hosting is internationally almost penny hosting (cheap!), but once you start getting some traffic on your website, shared international hosting can make for a slow website. Then factor in email spam and denial of service attacks on servers, and you can be in for nightmares.

Service is another thing that is all important. You need knowledgeable people available 24/7 and since the worst inevitably happens outside of business hours...

SMHosting uses and recommends hosting with Hosting Direct. Generally every time we change hosts, we have had to change again within a short time. We have gone through a number of hosts in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. Now with a dedicated server of our own on Hosting Direct, we have found a professional service that works - I've been able to forget about hosting for the first time in years!!!

If you are after shared hosting, we are able to provide a full service hosting setup on our dedicated server - Email me for more details.

Other Hosting Setups

What did I not like with the other shared and vps services?
  • SLOW
  • Constantly going down, even the NZ VPS that I had
  • Expensive - especially international bandwidth

Business Web Hosting Specs

  • Both national and international bandwidth are free. This saves me hundreds every month meaning that I don't have to worry when my SEO efforts make a website internationally popular!
  • Website availability monitoring - http headers requested every 5 minutes with issues escalated to support engineers.
  • Automatic back-ups happen daily
  • Mail can be held independently on other servers rather than on the Dedicated server. This means spam attacks are not going to take down the web server, nor busy email times use up valuable processing power.

Find out more about Hosting Direct's services - Hosting Direct.

About SearchMasters

SearchMasters operate a highly regarded Search Engine Optimisation company based in Palmerston North New Zealand, with an Auckland presence. They proved their expertise in ranking top of Google in a Search Engine Optimisation competition for the made up phrase "QuadraCentifiable" - See the website NZSEOChallenge - QuadraCentifiable.

You have the option of receiving hosting direct with Hosting Direct, or receiving services via SearchMasters. When we develop, host and search engine optimise clients websites, we generally host them on our Hosting Direct Dedicated Server.

Who do we want as clients

  • We want to get the most traffic possible for your business, so we host your website as part of an overall Search Engine Optimisation package
  • Want reliable hosting that you can forget about? Having personally gone through many hosts, we take the pain out of hosting for you.

    Get website hosting directly from Hosting Direct, or ask us for a quote for your business web hosting, website development and Search Engine Optimisation - contact Jonathan Brandon of SearchMasters SMHosting at ph 09 950 4057, or via our contact form.